Bobber Headlight Installation

I finally am getting my motorcycle to look the way I want. I suppose that is part of what I love about riding; making something your own, creating something different from everything else on the road.  This week’s project was to replace the headlight. I love the Vulcan S but the tear/heart shaped headlight is just plain ugly and massive.

og headlight

I wanted something sleeker, retro-cool and classic…enter the Bobber Style Headlight.


Having redone the brake lights and turn signals I felt confident in doing this swap myself. Now, it would have been smart to take a video and upload that as an installation tutorial, but my OCD got the better of me and I forgot to do that.

Here is my old fashion, paint by numbers, written tutorial:

Difficulty level: Beginner (Total Time: 2hrs)

Tools needed: Philips and flat head screw drive, 3mm allen key, 4mm allen key, 6mm allen key

Supplies needed: (Total Cost $60.00)
Headlight Housing:  ($37.00)

Fork Mounts: ($15.99)                                                                  

Bolts (for mounting headlight housing to fork mounts): ($7.00)

Headlight Bulb:($0.00)                                                                                                                      Great news the housing above comes with a bulb, you can reuse your original bulb, or replace it with an LED bulb of your choosing!

Okay Lets get to this!

Step 1: Remove Stock Headlight housing. 

A. This is easier than you think. get you philips head screw driver and remove the two mounting screws below the headlight housing. The heads of the screws will be facing you!

head light housing mounting screws

B. Pull the headlight housing straight up off the mounting pegs.

Headlight Mounting Post holes

head light housing mounting post holes

Headlight Mounting Posts


Step 2: Remove the stock bulb and running light bulb

Once the housing is detached it will be hanging by the wiring harness. The bulb will be plugged into the harness. Simply unplug the bulb from the harness.





Step 3: Remove the rubber gasket from the back of the Headlight housing; simply peal the rubber back and pull it away from the plug end of the bulb.  Don’t worry the bulb is held in place my a spring clamp. Just give the rubber gasket a good twist and pull.

Step 4: Remove the metal spring clamp. I don’t have a picture of this, But it is easy. Simply press the spring latch down and move it out of the from where it is locket onto the aluminum ring. It comes out easily and now the bulb will just pop right out.

headlight mounting posts

Step 5: Remove the day time running light bulb. This is an easy pull. Just pull the rubber backing and not the wires. You will reuse this bulb. You can see the hole in the above picture for the day time running light bulb. it is the small hole.

Finally, here is a full diagram of the headlight assembly in an exploded view to help you.

49016 = Rubber gasket

23008 = daytime running light bulb harness and bulb (92069A)

92069 = light bulb

23007 = Head light housing


Step 6: Lets install fork brackets!

A.  Each fork bracket will have 2 rings and one mount.  To secure the rings to the forks undo the 4 allen bolts ( two 3mm bolts and two 4mm bolts) with your allen keys. Secure to forks by screwing the 3mm allen bolts back in. (Do not tighten them down completely ; just enough to hold them in place. You will need to adjust the height later.) Do this for each fork.

B.  Now secure the mounts to the rings using the 4mm bolts. (Do not tighten them down completely ; just enough to hold them in place. You will need to adjust the height later.)


Step 7: Disassembling the Bobber Headlight Housing

A. To get to the guts of the headlight you will need to disassemble the Bobber Housing. First, unscrew the screw in the Housing.

B. Next, get your flat head screw driver and shove the sucker in the crease where the front ring meets the main housing. Pry the front ring off.

bobber housing

C. Remove the rubber gasket…same process as with the stock one; they just look different.

D. Undo the metal spring clamp holding the bulb in….same process as with the stock; they just look different. OR keep the bulb in place instead of reusing the stock bulb. Your choice.

E.  Remove daytime running bulb…same process as with the stock; they just look different.

Step 8: Only is you are reusing the stock bulb.

A. Place bulb in its new home and secure with the Bobber spring clamp.

B. Replace Bobber rubber gasket. Youwill need to turn the gasket inside out, slide it over the plug part of the bulb and fold the gasket back over itself. ( makes sense when you see it all.

Step 9 : Bobber housing Install

A. This is simple.  Since your wiring outlet is disconnected from the bulb shove that outlet through the hole in the Bobber Housing. Also, while you are at it shove the daytime running light through the hole too and any other wiring you want.

B. now we will secure the Bobber housing to the fork bracket mounts using the 6mm screws you ordered. (Do not tighten them down completely ; just enough to hold them in place. You will need to adjust the angle later.)

bobber housing

Step 10: Connect EVERYTHING!

A. Take you stock daytime running light and insert it into the small hole where you removed the Bobber daytime running light. ( all in in the outer ring of the Bobber headlight assembly)

B. Plug you headlight bulb back into the outlet. ( now in its new home in the Main Bobber Housing)

C. Reconnect the outer ring of the Bobber Housing to the Main Bobber Housing

D. Screw that screw back in to secure the outer ring to the main housing.

Step 11: Test! 

A. Start the bike up and test to maker sure you connected everything properly.

Step 12: Adjust the Headlight

A. So truth be told I have no help for this. You will need it to be dark out and keep playing with the bracket height and housing angle until you feel comfortable with the results.

B. Tighten all the bolts in the fork rings and housing mounts.

Step 13: Clean up!

I hope this tutorial helps anyone that wants to swap out their stock Vulcan S 650 headlight Assembly with a Bobber style Assembly. If you have any questions please post them so others can see them and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

I am so happy with the results of this project. The bike is getting closer and closer to what I have always wanted.  It just proves that any one of use with a little time, very little knowledge, and the willingness to learn and to take a risk can achieve the dreams we set forth for ourselves.




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