Bike, Bikes and more BIKES!

I spent Saturday at the Timonium Bike Show at the Maryland State Fair Grounds. First off, I had been waiting for this show for months. The last two bike shows I attended were extremely disappointed. The first show had only 3 bikes, but the second show amazingly doubled that number! The Timonium Bike show however was a whole other beast and that beast was mighty good eating.

The Maryland State Fairgrounds is an amazing venue. I have been going there since my childhood and it is great to see that nothing has changed. It has that old farm show feel that makes you feel like you are attending a local carnival no matter what may be housed in the massive buildings.  Parking was terrifically free and abundant.

But you don’t care about the venue you care about the BIKES!  And there were plenty of bikes to appease all types of riders. Everything from high-performance drag bikes to fully chromed out custom choppers. If you ride, there was more than enough eye candy for you to enjoy for hours. Whether you came to look at the show bikes, gear, sit on the newest models or sit and talk with the numerous Adventure Tour rider in attendance this show had it all.

Not being big into sport bikes my first stop was the Indian booth to check out the Indian Scout and Indian Scout Bobber.

I have been drooling over these on my computer screen and getting some actual face time with them was amazing. First, like all Indians, these are performance machines. Both the Scout and the Bobber have hit an aesthetic mark that blows me away; a little modern with a pinch of old school. What amazed me was how low they sat. The seat height of the Bobber was just around 25 inches.  I love low bikes and this felt low, nimble and full of power.  I am just not sure how I feel about that headlight.  But of course I forgot to take a picture so you will have to settle for a stock image. (I was just to gitty with dreams of purchasing one in the near future)



I was able to get some butt time on the new Kawasaki ZR900.  I am not a fan of the café racer look but this bike felt great. You can definitely feel the lineage of this bike combined with the feel of Vulcan S this is sure to be a winner!

Kawasaki cafe

I spent more time then I would have imagined at the Triumph booth. They had the new Triumph Bobber and I was awestruck…I mean true love at first sight!  I have never been a fan of Triumph. I love their tanks but nothing else….UNTIL NOW! This bike was amazing. So light weight, such attitude and loaded with technology. ABS brakes, Traction Control, and two riding modes: street and wet! Or as my friend Drew referred to it, “Just more shit that can break”.   ( again too lost in dreaming of a future purchase to have taken a picture show here is a custom one…but you get the idea)

Triumph Bobber

The Triumph Rocket was a beast. Heavy but you could feel the power of it just standing still. If there is ever a liter bike that would scare me it would be this 2 liter plus monstrosity.


My favorite display was BMW Museum. There is something very special about seeing how a brand has evolved over the years from 1925 to the present. The condition of these elderly beauties was something to behold.

1925 BMW

From the new to the old this show had it all, including the weird. A strange steampunk trike caused a lot of commotion and a crowd that was difficult to navigate.

Steam punk

Most interesting to me was a gentleman’s vintage bike and sidecar that doubled as his office and photo studio. This guy is keeping alive the old art of Tintype photography. Not only were his photos gorgeous but what a unique way to blend career and a passion for riding.


At the end of the day my only regret was not taking more pictures. I was just too busy sitting on everything I could get my ass into. For the long time rider this show has plenty to see and for the new rider and especially the soon to be rider this show is wonderful for getting a feel for what style bike you might like. If you have never made it to this show, there is always next year.

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