Heads UP!

When it comes to motorcycle helmets nothing screams iconic American Iron like a half helmet and nothing is safer than a full face helmet.  Whether you live in a state that has a helmet law or not, these two extremes are oft argued on motorcycle forums and around the bar. Not that any of us are drinking alcohol…drinking and riding a motorcycle is never a good mix.

Enter the Bell Rogue, a uniquely different helmet that is a strange amalgam of the two extremes. The Rogue is more than a half helmet and less than a Full Face helmet. It is the chimera of motorcycle helmets.  The Rogue has a unique styling with an easy on/off muzzle that adds a layer of protection from road debris and bugs.  Unlike most other half helmets that turn your head into “mushroom head” its unique muzzle takes away this dreaded look and feel.

This DOT approved helmet has a composite shell (fiberglass and polyester resin), an extra section that extends below the half helmet shell that helps it from lifting off the head at high speeds and makes it more comfortable to wear. This unique extra section is an extension of the polystyrene liner of the main helmet making it fit like  a ¾ helmet.  The Rogue comes with a soft cloth removable liner.  The helmet is snuggly padded and has cut-outs for both glasses and speakers or Bluetooth devices.  It is held in place by a simple D-ring strap with a quick release pull-tab.  The strap and fitting are comfortable even after long hours in the saddle.

Now the muzzle; without this the Rogue is just another half helmet. The muzzle is a two part deal; a hard yet flexible ¾ inch thick polystyrene shell and soft removable cloth liner. The muzzle is held in place by Bell’s Fidlock system, a magnetic locking system that is remarkably secure. The Fidlock connections are adjustable as well. They are locked to the helmet by ratchet straps that allow the muzzle to be fitted tight against your ugly mug or a bit further away to allow some breathing room. The removable liner has the tendency to rest uncomfortably on the bridge of the nose. I removed the liner completely and the muzzle is incredibly comfortable.

The muzzle, though strange looking has become my best friend. It allows the wind to whip up and around my face keeping me warm even in below freezing temperatures. It has deflected a number of bugs and stray rocks kicked up by cars, saving me from serious dental work. Many people have complained about the difficulty of getting the Fidlock system to connect quickly each and every time. There is a learning curve in order to adjust the ratchet straps but once the straps are set you can forget them. The Fidlock connectors are most easily attached by sliding the muzzle down and towards your face. (Trust me it makes sense)

The Bell Rogue is an incredibly comfortable, Mad Max style cool helmet. It fits better than most half-helmet and at 249.99 it cost less than most ¾ and full face helmets but more than most half helmets. This helmet was designed for the cruiser riders that are stuck in the old no helmet or full face helmet debate. It is a little evil, a little Mad Max and a lot safer then wearing nothing at all.

The Rouge comes in 5 color styles and has two muzzle styles (cool matte black and the super cool or cliché distressed skull).




  • Comfortable enough for long road trips
  • Lightweight composite shell
  • FidLock Magnetic system
  • Speaker Pockets
  • DOT approved
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • Style-love it or hate it this helmet has style to spare.


  • FidLock Muzzle system has a steep learning curve
  • D-Ring chin strap. I realize this is the norm but compared to the L2 quick release system the D-Ring is outdated and less comfortable.
  • Not as safe as a full face helmet
  • The thin forehead cushion compresses over time and its loose edge can get itchy after a few hours.
  • The muzzle doesn’t completely deflect the wind your cheeks and bridge of your nose will get cold. A good pair of goggles or a balaclava solves this issue.


Lightweight composite shell

Durable and innovative Muzzle for optimal rider comfort

Adjustable Muzzle features removable liner

FidLock magnetic connection makes it easy to put on/take off the Muzzle

3 shell sizes

SM: XS and SM Helmets

MD: MD and LG Helmets

LG: XL and 2XL Helmets

Removable and washable interior

Convenient speaker pockets

Premium stainless steel D-rings and metal badges

Five-year warranty

DOT approved


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