The Eyes Have it! Motorcycle Goggle Review

Eye protection is a very personal and important choice. I mean the eyes ARE the windows to the soul. Besides you only got two of them and losing one is gonna relegate most of us to sitting in a sidecar. Some choose the protection of Full Face helmet; there is nothing safer! Others choose simple riding glasses but there is so much in between. I have always loved goggles and motorcycles; perhaps it too many sick days home from school watching Mad Max movies. Goggles and bikes just scream old school cool. You are welcome to disagree.

Let me introduce you to my favorite choice for eye protection: The T2 Aviator Motorcycle Goggles, a modern classic by Jeantet who have been making goggles since 1929. These goggle satisfy my particular choice of retro aesthetic and safety. The goggles are well constructed from a durable and flexible plastic frame with a chrome finished metal lens rim. These frames can be warped and twisted to fit almost any head and helmet shape.  The strap is sturdy industrial elastic with non-stick silicon lines to keep the strap from sliding off your helmet.

The polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection as well as being able to take a hell of beating. They meet the ANSI Z87.1 ballistic shatterproof standard.  I have been hit by a bee, a beetle and numerous small bits of debris and one sizeable stone.  Not only did the lenses not break but there is not a scratch on them. I have a pair of tinted blue lenses and a pair of high-definition Yellow lenses that are rated for day and night riding. The yellow lenses are an absolute blessing when riding at night. Everything just pops!

The Aviators have a curved from that provides for a wide field of view with no appreciable blind spots.

What really attracted me to these goggles, in addition to the vintage feel, was that they are designed to be worn with glasses. I have never been able to wear contact lenses; something about touching my eyeball just really freaks me out. The thick but soft foam padding has special cutouts to fit over the arms of glasses. I wear large framed glasses and these goggles fit perfectly. The padding is covered in either black or brown goat leather. It is soft and does not cause and scratching on itching on the skin even after being worn for over 4 hours at a time.


  • Various Lens tints available (transparent, smoke, yellow, brown, silver mirror, blue mirror)
  • Comfortable fit
  • No blind spots
  • Accommodates Glasses
  • Vented
  • Black and brown frame and strap options.
  • Retro cool


  • Pressure on the nose from my glasses with the goggles on. But I also have a twice broken nose so this may not be an issue for most of you.
  • Lens change out is not as simple as it could be. I carry a spare pair for night riding.
  • Small gaps occur if worn over glasses that have very large frames providing the occasional puff of air.
  • Pricey


These soft leather padded goggles fit over prescription frames up to:

Height 1 5/8″ x Width 5.5″ (Height 40mm x Width 140mm)

Flexible, ventilated rubber frame with chrome finished metal rim.

Changeable, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection.

The adjustable headband has non-slip silicon lines so the goggles will not slide off of your helmet.

Microfiber sack is included, which functions as a cleaning cloth as well.

Price: $164.99Aviator-T2-Brown-Motorcycle-Goggles-Leon-Jeantet-caferacer-union-garage-1000-kai-amber

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