How many of you have made a promise? Go ahead and raise your hand. No one is watching. Okay good. Now how many of you have broken a promise? Everyone still have their hands up? Good, no one is lying. Now how many of you have something in your life that you are 100% committed to? Really think about that thing. What makes you 100% committed to it?

What makes that commitment different from all the promises you have made and broken in your past? Chances are the answer is something similar to:

“Uh, well, because I am really committed. It means a lot to me.”

Or perhaps it sounds closer to:

“I can’t live without it. It is what I really want more than anything in the world.”

Do any of those sound familiar? Do you still have your hand up? You can put it down now.

But haven’t we all said similar lines regarding promises we have made and which were promptly broken? All of us have broken promises. All of us have set goals and slipped back into old habits. Our excuses and “yeah buts” that have cost us countless opportunities for growth haunt us. Why? Because, we are attached to being comfortable and safe. These are important and can provide us an easy life, but to truly grow we must find an area of our life where commitment supersedes comfort.  All of us have had moments when the pain of keeping the commitment was greater than the pain of breaking the commitment. Do your commitments live up to your dreams?

Being committed is not the same as a promise. Being committed is not the words we say to ourselves or to someone else. Being committed, 100% committed, comes with no emergency exit. We need to be careful with what and whom we commit ourselves. Commitment is not temporary. It is not just for the easy times in our lives. Commitment is not reserved for when we feel like being committed.

Commitment is effort. Commitment is shown not through our words but our deeds. It is action oriented. What are you willing to do to show your commitment? What are you willing to do when times are hard, when you lack all motivation, when people are judging you and telling you it is impossible? How much effort are you going to put forth to achieve that thing you are 100% committed?

When life is painless and smooth it is easy to stay committed. When we experience success after success, with little effort, it is easy to stay committed. How often is life easy and smooth? How often have you experienced successes without effort? How often has life given you all the opportunities you needed?

When life shows up that is when our true level of commitment is demonstrated. When life throws us curve balls and obstacles are around every corner that is when we are tested. Are you able to stand up to the tests?

100% commitment demands action in the hardest of times. It demands that we stretch ourselves to the very brink of our limits. Commitment requires that we are our very best in our very worst times. What are you willing to do in those moments? Are you willing to quit, breaking yet another promise, or are you ready to fight?

When we are committed we may fail. Just because we say we are committed, just because we are giving it everything we have doesn’t mean that we will have the success we want. When we fail it is one more test of our commitment. When we fall we have two choices; get up or stay on the ground. If you are 100% committed you have only one responsibility and that is to get back up. Fail and get up again. Fall and get up again. Commitment demands that we keep getting up. That’s it, nothing more.  It is not the failures that matter. Commitment is in the getting up.  Are you willing to get up?

Commitment is not just action! It is a relational action. It demands that we create the relationships that are necessary for success. Maybe it is the relationship we make with our families. Maybe it is the relationship we make with our spouse. Maybe it is the relationship we make with ourselves. We need relationships to succeed. We need people to help us through the struggles. We need to know our best selves in order to push past the pain.

It is in these relationships that we make sacrifices because all commitments demand sacrifice. We must be willing to let go of the things that have held us back. If we are 100% committed we may sacrifice sleep, we may sacrifice spending money, we may sacrifice time or we may sacrifice our own pride when we ask for help. Sacrifice is at the core of commitment. We when sacrifice we let go of one thing in order to gain another.  If we never sacrifice who we have been we will never become who we are going to be.  To what lengths are you willing go to achieve success?

When we begin to sacrifice all that keeps us from achieving that which we are 100% committed to we become vulnerable. We become vulnerable to failure. We become vulnerable to judgment. When we commit to anything it is the vulnerability that stops most people. Vulnerability is the enemy. We are scared of risk. We are scared of putting our best selves out there. We are scared of what we can become.  We have to trust the process of commitment. If you can take action, find people to support you, and make yourself vulnerable than you are on the road to being committed.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines commitment as an agreement or pledge to do something; the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled. When we are committed we are pledged to success, we are impelled to move through all the obstacles, all the judgments and all the failures to achieve that which is waiting for us.

Now think back to that thing that you are 100% committed. Are you taking action right now to achieve that thing? Think hard about your commitment. Have you failed and are ready fall to the ground? Do you have people you can trust? Are you willing to take a risk, to become vulnerable to the person you were meant to be? Are you really 100% committed? Can you still raise your hand?



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