After hours of scouring the collective unconscious that is the interwebs I present to you my packing list:

Equipment List:



AMA Card-wallet

Registration- wallet

Credit card- wallet

First Aid Kit


Rain Gear-saddle bag–55

Heated Jacket-saddle bag–180

Heated Gloves-saddle bag–80

2 pair of Gloves–70

Jacket-body PURCHASED

Neck gator-body PURCHASED

Spare Goggles (yellow lenses)-fork bag–180

Helmet-wear PURCHASED



3 pairs of wool socks-roll bag–12

3 pairs of underwear-roll bag PURCHASED

3 long sleeve t-shirts- roll bag–20

Fleece Zip-up-saddle bag PURCHASED

Underarmor Shirt-saddle bag PURCHASED

Underarmor Pants-saddle bag PURCHASED

2 pairs of fleece lined jeans- saddle bag PURCHASED

1 pair of jeans- wear  PURCHASED

3 Bandanas PURCHASED

Camel Pak-wear PURCHASED

Cell Phone-jacket


Camping Hammock- roll bag PURCHASED

2 wool military blanket-roll bag–44

Motorcycle Care Equipment- saddle bag

Tire Patch Kit–60

Tool Kit- socket wrench, pliers, metric allen wrench set, WD 40, screwdriver set, Teflon lub

Quart of Oil–10

Clutch Cable–10



Biker lock–30

Personals- roll bag




Wet Wipes


Spare Glasses–150


Service Manual


Purchases for the bike

Saddle bags–

Roll Bag–

Fork bag–

Luggage rack–

Cargo net–

Now that you’ve looked it over give me all the unsolicited advice you can!

6 thoughts on “What to Pack?

Add yours

  1. The old travel adage says take half the clothes and twice the money. I’ve never had twice the money! You know a whole bunch of us from the Vulcan Forums will be following along.

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    1. I think I may be doing it wrong than ’cause I got half the cloths and half the money! Thanks for following along on this long journey!


  2. Seems like an extensive list. I’d recommend traveling as light as possible. Take the essential safety, maintenance, legal docs, clothing and sleep gear; then pickup and drop off the other comfort items throughout the trip, as you need them.

    I envy the idea of taking off for a long-term trip, all the best to you. Look forward to hearing how you go.


    1. I love the idea of traveling light! I will not have the opportunity to pick up and drop off too many items. At best maybe two or three stops on the entire trip. Do you have any ideas as to what I could cut from my list? Thanks for following and Ride Safe!


      1. Hard to say what you could cull, up to personal preference. I’d drop the quart of oil though. Should be able to pick this up almost anywhere if needed.

        What you should add though are ear plugs. Wind noise on long trips can be a real fatigue issue, ear plugs will go a long way to making the trip less wearing.

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